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Spatial surveying with 3D laser technology

We use advanced 3D laser technology and supply you with a precise, fast and comprehensive three-dimensional interior view of your retail space including a 3D model and survey. This approach to surveying buildings is particularly inexpensive in the case of large complex buildings with many irregularities and can be deployed without interruption to business, regardless of whether you are engaged in the construction industry, facility management or the retail trade.


Interior fittings

We have many years experience in interior fittings and the production and delivery of complete interior furnishing solutions. Our pan-European network of experienced competitive subcontractors, who are carefully selected according to the specific strengths and skills required for the respective project, enables us to substantially increase cost efficiency all along the procurement chain. You secure the quality standards demanded by your company at the price you want.


Building consultancy and purchasing services

We possess long-standing experience in managing large-scale projects and roll-outs. Project-based drafting of batch calls for tender with strategic scheduling through to setting up and deploying an Extranet to control your project forms the basis of successful project execution. Our philosophy is to take into account all project risks and execution options right from the start and thus minimise your investment costs in the long term.


One-stop service

If you wish, we can also manage your project down to the last detail. From 3D dimensional surveying, complete interior furnishing solutions, procuring fittings or assuming responsibility for all builder tasks, we keep everything under control, while focusing on your objectives. Drawing on our international experience as architects, project managers and interior fitters, we provide full service support at every stage of your project throughout Europe. We will be happy to compose a service package customised to your needs.


We capture and map spatial areas in all their complexity over 3D laser scanning and project your brand identity onto the shop floor




Every assignment is a challenge

No two roll-outs are the same. Experience is a must in this job. However, even more crucial is team spirit and the creative energy to constantly find innovative ideas and thus make a success of every roll-out. We break new ground in the implementation of innovative developments and trends.




Every customer becomes a successful partner

We aim to establish a successful partnership with our customers in every job we tackle. From the first point of contact we head to build a trusting business relationship and impress with our high standard of expertise and reliability in day-to-day business.




All sectors. All scales. All budgets.

Irrespective of the sector, scale and available budget, when we launch a roll-out we always aim for the best possible implementation – down to the last detail. We focus on our customers and their wishes.

3D laser scan

From surveying over
3D laser scanning
to CAD drawing




Step 1: Laser scanning and consolidation in a 3D point cloud model

The positioned scanner captures its surrounding in a contact-free process and saves the data as a 3D point cloud in its coordinate system. At the same time the scanner saves a composite grayscale photo, which is subsequently projected onto a sphere. Depending on the resolution, scanning takes between two and 20 minutes. Around 40 - 80 scans are required for an area of 350 square metres, depending on furniture density and spatial irregularities. All 3D point clouds are consolidated into a complete 3D building model using special software.




Step 2: From 3D building model to CAD drawing

Vertical and horizontal cross-sections are extracted from the complete 3D building model and then imported into the CAD system over the DXF interface. All viewing directions (ceiling, floor, wall etc.) can be created in the 3D building model. This means that details of ornaments, ceiling divisions, pipes, conveyor belts, wall openings etc. can be precisely captured and displayed down to the last millimetre. A complete 3D line model can then be created on the basis of ground plans, views and cross-sections.




Step 3: Analysis/information/photo documentation

Thanks to the 3D building model the property can be conveniently assessed and analysed at your desk with no need for time-consuming travel to the actual location. During this 'virtual tour' all details can be accurately reviewed and examined. Scanning positions can be opened in a rotating 360° panorama view to measure distances, heights and detailed situations quickly and easily. If desired, all analyses and views can be saved as objects under test in the data system.



Non-contact and precise recording of the building

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Short operating time on site without interrupting the ongoing business

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Contactless scanning at a distance of up to 330 meters with no need of scaffolds

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Further processing of the 3D model with sections, views etc.

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Virtual viewing of the site by processing the 3D measurement

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Legally securing evidence

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Interior fittings

From furniture production and delivery
to general contracting

3D-Visualisierung Industriegebäude



Our service includes independent consulting and concept development for implementation on the basis of existing designs, supplying prototypes and dummies, purchasing for the manufacture of furniture parts, warehousing, packing, all shipping services for shop fittings and on-site shop assembly. Furniture is purchased from an existing network of furniture makers, taking into account the lowest-cost manufacturing chain for each product.



As general contractor we also manage all interior jobs including drywall installation, electrical, air conditioning, ventilation, decorating work, carpet laying etc. Prior to placing an order, we select the necessary companies with you from our pool of independent suppliers, taking into account your project budget, timescale and quality requirements. You can focus on your core competences while minimising your efforts in this area. Having just one supplier means fewer interfaces and, in turn, fewer risks in terms of time and cost.

Building consultancy and purchasing services

Planning and controlling as guarantee
of successful project implementation

A strategically pertinent analysis and project preparation guarantees successful project implementation. Every assignment starts with a common definition of quality as reference for exactly determining the service scope of all subsequent project partners.



Basis assessment/
preparatory planning

Once objectives are set we assist you in determining the fundamentals of your project and thus giving it a firm foundation. Reliable surveying, precise dimension and quantity take-offs and binding status documentation with 3D laser technology guarantee you comprehensive surveying of your property accurately reflecting imperfections and shape distortions. After surveying we draft a planning concept for you with alternative solution options based on the same requirements, complete with drawings and evaluations. All necessary plans of involved tradesmen (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and electrical etc.) are integrated at the same time to complete a qualified property assessment. Same-time verification of the existing building with a quotation for your planned project implementation enables you to better assess the situation.


Permission and execution planning

We support you with our experience in submitting the necessary documents according to public law regulations for modernisation and new building projects. In our experience the key to success frequently lies in involving all the necessary stakeholders at an early stage in the proceedings. Once all details have been established and taken into account we draft an execution plan with you in accordance with the project fundamentals.


Drafting call for
tender documents

Based on the execution plan we draft a customer requirement document for each of the planned project partners once a practical batch structure is fixed. A batch structure can contain several works to efficiently minimise the number of interfaces. Call for tender documents are created electronically in GAEB files to ensure swift data exchange with the planned project partners and faster follow-up data processing (drafting price comparisons etc.). If you wish, we will be happy to suggest a selection of companies eligible for the call.


Project management and control

Our project management is aimed at predicting any potential deviations at an early stage and to take the necessary decisions on the basis of a risk analysis. In our opinion the deployment of modern control elements like drafting schedules in MS Project and various smart quality management tools is essential today. We often use an 'Extranet' in our projects. This electronic platform enables all project partners to directly access current project statuses and always work with the latest planning information with no waste of time.

One-stop service

From several suppliers
or everything from a single source


stock-photo-worker-installing-red-brick-with-trowel-for-wall-of-room-in-house-148238252   shutterstock_159586898


stock-photo-electrical-panel-with-fuses-and-contactors-131122721   shutterstock_48387352


stock-photo-repair-building-and-home-concept-close-up-of-male-in-gloves-holding-painting-roller-184931876   shutterstock_139280498-1



We provide support at any stage in your project as you wish or can assume full responsibility. We integrate the suppliers of your choice and combine them with our services or manage your project as a one-stop service.



All projects involve the coordination of various works with different focuses, frequently subject to tight schedules and which have to be performed concurrently. This results in many interfaces that demand far-sighted project management.



We take full responsibility, leaving you to concentrate on your strengths.
Our strength lies in organising the building process with maximum predictability.



Frank Hillenbrand, execute partner


“We aim to execute even complex projects with predictability and efficiency.”

Frank Hillenbrand, Managing director



The founder draws on more than 15 years professional experience as an architect and in project and key account management in the implementation of standardised project concepts for banks, fashion houses, communication companies, fast food restaurants and other retail projects.



He holds an international Master degree in business management specialised in the construction industry in England, Ireland and France and speaks German, English and French fluently.



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